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Inside Iowa State provides weekly news and updates to employees, including recaps of relevant agenda items at state Board of Regents meetings, which occur about seven times a year.


Regents elect Sherry Bates to lead the board
  • Regent (and president pro tem) Sherry Bates will serve as board president through April 30; Greta Rouse to serve as president pro tem.
  • First reading on proposed 2024-25 rates for residence (average increase of 6.5%), dining (5%).
  • Approved: Master of Science in Applied Statistics, to be offered through Iowa State Online beginning in spring 2025.
  • First reading on proposed 3% increase to parking permits for campus lots, Memorial Union ramp for FY 2025. 
  • Approved: revisions to board policy manual required to implement regents' DEI directives (November 2023) 4a, 4b, 5, 7 and 10.
  • Permission granted to begin planning on two ISU building projects: Series of additions (in three phases) to the large animal wing of the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center to expand reproductive services, primarily for horses, and equine sports medicine services; and two NSF-funded research facilities (prototype and full-scale) for studying the impact of tornadoes, derechos and other severe downbursts of wind.
  • Approved: athletics department's $16 million proposal to replace the sound systems and all video displays at Jack Trice Stadium, Hilton Coliseum, Lied Center and Cyclone Sports Complex.
  • Approved: Issuance of $12.28 million in ISU Facilities Corp. revenue bonds to cover the costs to renovate the east end of the ground and first floors in the Scheman Building for flexible event space branded for the athletics department.


Survey: The faculty workweek remains well over 40 hours

  • Biennial faculty self-survey (spring 2023): Iowa State faculty, on average, worked 52.53 hours per week, down less than an hour from spring 2021 results. Report also includes a distribution of student credit hours taught among faculty groups.
  • Approved: Three-year plan (2024-26) that provides additional pay to tenured and tenure-track faculty in the Ivy College of Business who develop and lead custom seminars, workshops or other professional education services for corporate clients.
  • Approved: Professional development assignments for 2024-25 for 38 Iowa State faculty.
  • Approved: Budget ($66.5 million) and schematic design for phase 2 of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Approved: Revised budget ($37.7 million), an addition of $9.2 million for the parking lot/infrastructure phase of the CYTown development at the Iowa State Center.
  • Approved: Request to begin planning phase two of the pet cancer clinic at the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center (phase 1 opened in February 2019). The project includes new construction and remodeled existing space.

Regents discuss, approve diversity recommendations

  • Approved, following two hours of discussion: all 10 recommendations (no vote was unanimous). Recommendations 3-7 and 10 were approved in a single motion; recommendations 1, 2, 8 and 9 passed individually following additional discussion.
  • Recommendations prepared and presented by the board's diversity, equity and inclusion study group after eight months of work (regents David Barker, Jim Lindenmayer and Greta Rouse).
  • Next step: Regent institutions will provide reports on how they are complying with the recommendations, with implementation timelines, at the April 2024 meeting.

LeBaron Hall replacement plan gets the green light

  • Building schematics (30,000 square feet) and project budget ($39 million) approved.
  • $12 million renovation plan approved for east end of Scheman Building (led by athletics department).
  • $2.45 million renovation approved for Seasons Marketplace, Maple Willow Larch commons.
  • Plan approved to remodel the indoor tennis complex on South Dakota Avenue for the Cyclone volleyball program's training facility. (New plan for the tennis program: ISU Research Park purchases Ames Racquet and Fitness Center's four-court facility and expands it.)
  • Prototype of student data dashboard required by the 2023 Legislature in House File 135.
  • Requests for state operating support for fiscal year 2025.
  • Results of special retirement incentive option for LAS faculty: 17 participated.
  • Approved for discontinuation: B.A. in speech communications due to declining student interest (3-year phase-out).

State grants assist eligible students in targeted degree programs

  • Approved lists of bachelor's degree programs will train students for a set of high-demand jobs that meet criteria in spring 2023 legislation.
  • Tuition and fee increases for 2023-24 academic year: 3.5% for ISU resident undergraduates, 4% for nonresident undergraduates and all graduate students, 3.8-5% for DVM students. Mandatory fees will go up $60 (to at least $1,515).
  • Student leaders offered comments to board members prior to their vote on the tuition and fee increases.
  • Three years added to a year-old pilot for an incentive program that rewards Vet Med faculty who provide veterinary clinical services.
  • Vet Med complex named for alumnus Frederick Douglass Patterson.
  • Regents completed annual performance evaluation of President Wendy Wintersteen and announced compensation changes.
  • Bachelor of science in biophysics ended, due to low student interest.
  • Two previously approved remodeling projects at the Memorial Union (second and third floors) were merged into one, allowing for one contractor and a single construction schedule.
  • Final regents meeting to include oversight of the Iowa School for the Deaf and Iowa Educational Services for the Blind. On July 1, 2023, they become part of the state Department of Education.

Regents propose tuition, fee increases

  • First reading of proposed tuition increases for 2023-24 academic year: At ISU, a 3.5% increase ($304) for resident undergraduates, 4% increases for nonresident undergraduates and all graduate students, and 3.8% (nonresidents) to 5% (resident students) increases for DVM students. Proposal reflects Legislature's mostly flat operating support for regents universities in FY24.
  • Ivy College of Business seeks permission to phase in, over three years, differential tuition rates for its sophomore students to align with rates for junior and senior business students. 
  • Mandatory fees: Proposed increase of $60 (4.1%), to at least $1,515 (students in specific programs pay a higher technology fee).
  • University and program-specific fees: ISU seeks $15 increase to the undergraduate application fee, 3.5-4% increase in the per-credit-hour rate for continuing education courses, $95 increase (to $290) to the New Student Programs fee, and $120 increase (to $250) to the one-time university records and documents fee. 
  • Decisions will be made at June 14 board meeting.

Regents approve promotions for 75 faculty members

  • P&T cases, including 43 cases of promotion to associate professor with tenure, tenure-only awards for three associate professors and 29 promotions to full professor for tenured faculty.
  • Two degree programs approved: online Master of Accounting Analytics, Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural communications.
  • 3% increase to parking permit rates for the fiscal year that begins July 1 (increases of 7.5%-9.2% for Memorial Union ramp permits).
  • Residence system rate increases approved: 2.9% increase to most hall and apartment rates and a 5% increase to 25- and 50-meal plans and academic year plans. On average, a room-meal package will go up 3.9%.
  • Closing of four ISU centers approved: Biobased Industry Center, Center for Metabolic Biology, Iowa Center for Advance Neurotoxicology and the Center for Earthworks Engineering Research.

Regents' DEI review likely to take several months

  • The board's regular meeting in November is the tentative target for the group to present its findings and recommendations to the full board. Regents David Barker, Jim Lindenmayer and Greta Rouse are leading the review.
  • Comments from Faculty Senate president Jon Perkins and P&S Council president Jamie Sass on FY24 salary policy.
  • Approval on three ISU building projects: To install donated and discounted feed mill and grain processing equipment ($11.2 million) at the new $24 million grain science complex on the Curtiss Farm; begin planning for an estimated $23 million addition to the southeast corner of the Lied Recreation Athletic Center to benefit the Cyclone track and wrestling programs; build seven teaching labs for textile sciences in the Human Nutritional Sciences Building, permanently replacing and modernizing current labs in the adjacent LeBaron Hall.

On the rise: Student numbers in campus housing

  • Students living on campus expected to climb above 10,000 within 2 years; Wilson Hall reopening fall 2023 as single rooms.
  • First read: Housing and dining rates for 2023-24, most room rates would go up 2.9%, meal packs 3.9-5%.
  • First read: Parking permit rates for FY2024 to go up 3%.
  • President Mike Richards: Statement on two regent-related changes in Gov. Kim Reynolds' proposal to restructure state government (governance of Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council and Iowa School for the Deaf/Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired would transfer to state Department of Education).
  • Permission to begin planning an estimated $10 million-$12 million in renovations to the lower two floors of Scheman Building.
  • Permission to begin offering in fall 2023 a B.S. in biomedical engineering.
  • Plans to award two honorary degrees at spring 2023 commencement: Trudy Huskamp Peterson, 1967 alumna and first woman archivist of the United States; and Temple Grandin, distinguished professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University, animal welfare pioneer and activist for people with autism.
  • Seven new members in ISU's 10 peer institutions.
  • Permission to close two centers, effective May 31: Plant Genomics Center and Plant Transformation Center.

University, private sources pressed for student aid

A look at undergraduate financial aid at Iowa State: Reliance on university, private resources as federal, state aid programs' capacity to cover education costs diminishes.


Memorial Union projects could begin next summer

  • Professional development assignment proposals (FY24) approved for 41 ISU faculty
  • Two more MU renovation projects approved: Second floor Col. Pride Lounge area and third floor offices between bookstore and parking ramp
  • CYTown lot infrastructure improvements approved
  • Approved: Nevada property sale, farmland property purchase adjacent to Ag450 farm, and 15-year lease with ISU Research Park for 81,500 square feet in a yet-to-be-constructed Ag Innovation Lab facility

Iowa high school grad numbers are robust; inclination to attend college less so

  • Board staff member Jason Pontius' presentation: Iowa public high school graduate numbers increased about 3% in the last decade and should hold steady for a decade. For a variety of reasons, graduates are showing less interest or less ability to attend college.
  • Board staff (Rachel Boon): Pilot project starting spring 2023 with school districts served by Mississippi River Bend AEA: Reach out to HS juniors who would qualify for admission to a regent university if they applied.

Leaders share priorities for additional state support next year

  • Iowa State would invest its requested $12 million in five priority areas.
  • Regents add $1 million to overall appropriations request to address student mental health on the three campuses.
  • ISU capital request for FY24: Veterinary Diagnostic Lab phase 2 ($62.5 million over four years, FY 2024-27).
  • Inflationary increases for two previously approved projects: Therkildsen Industrial Engineering Building and Union Drive Marketplace dining center renovation.
  • 20-year lease with Ames Racquet and Fitness for indoor, outdoor courts for use by Cyclone tennis team. 

Regents approve 4.25% tuition increase for 2022-23

  • Lone exception to 4.25%: Tuition for veterinary medicine (DVM) students will go up 5%.
  • Mandatory student fee package will increase $145 (11%), to $1,455.
  • Iowa State completes a four-year effort to simplify dozens of differential tuition rates into two categories. For resident undergraduates this fall, the two differentials are $1,794 and $2,928.

Regents propose 4.25% tuition increase for this fall

  • Increase % would be the same for resident and nonresident undergrads and grads
  • Vet Med tuition proposed increase is 5% for residents and 3.5% for nonresidents
  • Three-year process to align ISU differential tuitions into two groups is complete
  • Mandatory fee package proposed increase is 11% ($145 increase)
  • Student leaders provide comments to regents

Nine priority projects will jump-start next strategic plan

  • 2022-31 strategic plan approved
  • Wintersteen announces nine high-priority, high-impact projects will jump-start the plan prior to first annual strategic process

Regents approve strategic facilities plan, industrial engineering building

  • 30-year strategic facilities plan succeeds 1991 campus master plan
  • Budget ($54 million) and project description for Therkildsen Industrial Engineering Building (green light for construction)
  • Final campus tallies for spring semester free-speech training
  • Annual evaluation, compensation increases for President Wendy Wintersteen
  • New B.S. program in healthcare management (management and entrepreneurship dept.)
  • Three-year pilot to cover adoption expenses for benefits-eligible employees
  • Planning may begin for estimated $25 million project to improve Iowa State Center lots ($6 million for infrastructure, $19 million to raise lots above 100-year flood plain and resurface)

Regents approve 2022-23 faculty P&T requests

  • Promotions, tenure for 76 Iowa State faculty members
  • Specialized retirement incentive program for LAS tenured faculty, six departments co-administered with AGLS
  • 4% parking permit increases take effect July 1
  • Student housing, dining rates for FY23: 3% average increase
  • Two new graduate degree programs for ISU: master of entrepreneurship in the department of management and entrepreneurship, and a master of community development in the College of Design
  • Approval to close the Center for Catalysis in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences on June 30
  • Bachelor of Liberal Studies (at 3 regent universities) gets first major: professional studies
  • Admin Services Building HVAC to be replaced, moved from roof to west side addition 

Regents updated on free speech survey, training

  • Regents' free speech survey (November 2021 distribution) response rates and highlights
  • Participation rates (to date) on regents' free speech training (May 13 deadline to complete)
  • Proposed parking permit rates for FY23 (ISU lots and MU ramp), approximately 4% hike
  • Proposed student housing and dining rates for FY23, approximately 3% hike
  • Public radio call signs and FCC licenses transferred from universities/regents to Iowa Public Radio
  • Two new ISU centers approved: Translational AI Research and Education Center, Center for Wireless, Communities and Innovation
  • Permission to begin planning for Phase 2 of Vet Diagnostic Lab (Phase 1 to be completed Fall 2023)
  • New budget ($9.1 million) for 330-stall RV lot for football fans
  • Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters approved for alumnus Daniel Houston, Principal Financial Group
  • Naming of turkey facility for alumnus and former faculty member Stanley Balloun

Regents approve adjustment to P&S pay matrix

  • March 1 effective date for 6% adjustment
  • About 200 employees are directly impacted (salary falls below new minimum or back within new maximum); Oct. 1 deadline to bring salaries up to new minimums 

Standardized test score dropped from admission requirement

  • National standardized test (ACT or SAT) will be permanently option for admission to a regent university. (Requires changing Iowa Administrative Code)
  • Automatic admission remains option for resident applicants with an ACT/SAT score.
  • Richards: Fall semester guidelines for COVID-19 campus operations remain in place for spring semester.


Regents approve launch of free speech survey

  • Biennial survey for all regent employees and students distributed for first time Nov. 9; annual training module to roll out spring semester.
  • President Richards receives authority to provide direction to schools for state, federal COVID-19 mandates.
  • Annual enrollment report: This fall marked fifth straight year of declining enrollment across all three regent universities (and reasons why).
  • Comments to board from ISU faculty senate officers Andrea Wheeler and Jon Perkins, RE: communications, collaboration among regents and regent faculty.
  • 2022-23 faculty professional development requests approved (38 ISU faculty).
  • 20-year lease agreement between ISU and Alliant Energy for solar farm.
  • Final approval: Athletics department plans for two parking lots: RV lot for football game days, and enlarging and connecting the lots north of Scheman and west of Fisher Theater.

Faculty workweek report reflects pandemic shifts

  • Survey administered spring 2021, asks faculty to track their work time for one complete week.
  • Pandemic didn't change how many hours Iowa State faculty work in a week, but it did tweak how they spent that time.
  • Faculty time spent on classroom teaching/preparation dropped by a half to two-thirds, to be replaced by time spent in online teaching and preparation -- a subcategory that existed previously -- and hybrid teaching and preparation, a subcategory that did not.
  • Tenured and tenure-track faculty reported spending an hour more in the week on instruction-related activities than two years ago, and a little less time in professional development and administrative or service activities.

Free speech training, survey are in the works

  • Regent universities, Iowa CCs jointly hire firm to produce training module for annual use; goal is to have it ready for use early in spring semester.
  • Committee of board staff, university staff are developing a survey, to be administered every other year to all employees and students.
  • Building naming approval: Therkildsen Industrial Engineering, for alumni C.G. "Turk" and Joyce Therkildsen, who are providing the lead gift ($42 million) for the new facility for the industrial and manufacturing systems engineering department.
  • Approval for two building requests: Replace all external office windows at the College of Design, $2.85 million, starts in spring 2022; begin planning for addition(s) to Town Engineering, estimated $25 million, to be covered 100% by private gifts.
  • FY23 requests for state support: $8.4 million in new operating funds, multi-year support for Veterinary Diagnostic Lab addition ($60.8 million request) and LeBaron Hall replacement ($18.9 million request).
  • Permission to close four research programs: Center for International Agricultural Finance, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, Center for Arthropod Management Technologies and Center for Nanotechnology in Cementitious Systems.

Senate leaders take COVID-19 concerns to regents

  • President Andrea Wheeler: Give instructors full authority in their classrooms to require masks, for pedagogical and health reasons.
  • President-elect Jon Perkins: The board has failed to "meaningfully reduce the risk to faculty" of COVID-19.

Regents confirm fall tuition rates

  • Second and final reading: 3.5% tuition increase for the 2021-22 academic year for resident undergraduates and a 3.9% increase for all others.
  • Student financial literacy tool, CashCourse, no longer will be free in fall 2022; regent universities will decide to purchase a membership or replace CashCourse with another tool.
  • Permission granted to begin planning an estimated $35 million-$40 million modernization of about one-fourth of Gilman Hall, to be funded with private gifts and university funds.
  • Permission to offer a master of healthcare analytics and operations in the Ivy College of Business.

FY22 budget contains reallocations, additional revenue

  • Board approves FY22 operating budgets. $21.9 million in incremental revenue:  $16.7 million in tuition, $1.9 million in cost recovery on research, $1 million in interest income and just over $2 million in state appropriations for specific purposes.
  • FY22 state appropriations for building projects: $11.375 million for Student Innovation Center, year six of an adjusted seven years of support; and $12.5 million for the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, year four of six years of support
  • Report on Iowa State's 2021 retirement incentive option: Savings estimated at $42 million over its three-year span, including $14.6 million across the university in FY22. A total of 318 employees participated.

Regents propose 3.5-3.9% tuition increases for fall

  • 3.5% tuition increase for resident undergraduates this fall (3.9% increase for all others). Increases are higher for upper division students in academic programs that assess supplemental tuition to cover higher instructional costs.
  • Mandatory student fee package would increase about 2.8% ($36).
  • A three-year plan to align differential tuitions into just two levels, stalled by last year's tuition freeze, would be completed during 2021-22, with one exception.
  • Second reading and vote is anticipated at the July 28 meeting.

Regents will begin tuition discussion yet this month

  • Updates on free speech initiatives: mandatory syllabus statements, designated free speech websites, preparing 15-20 minute digital training course on First Amendement and free speech for university use this fall.
  • Department merger approved: Entomology and plant pathology into: plant pathology, entomology and microbiology, effective fall 2022.
  • Gift of Story County farm from Hill family; possible new site for ISU swine teaching farm.
  • Six new degree programs for fall 2021: bachelor of business administration, bachelor of science in human resource management, bachelor of science in education as a second major only, master of arts in teaching (secondary education), master of arts in teaching (math education), and master of science in artificial intelligence.
  • Fourth 10-year CyRide agreement (through June 2031) among the university, ISU student government and the city of Ames; no content changes to the agreement.
  • President Wendy Wintersteen salary and deferred compensation adjustments.

Regents direct employees back to campus by July 1

  • Repeal of March 2020 "state of emergency" on regent university campuses.
  • Face coverings and physical distancing aren't required on campus; exceptions are buses, human and animal health care facilities, and research labs.
  • Effective immediately, campus spaces, including classrooms, will return to their normal capacity levels.
  • Effective for fall semester, academic coursework and experiences will be offered in person similar to pre-pandemic levels.

Regents approve faculty promotions

  • Promotion and/or tenure for 69 ISU faculty members
  • Board president: There will be no regents system mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Salary increase comments fron P&S Council, Faculty Senate presidents (submitted in writing)
  • Board approves: cleanup budget for Ross Hall, replacement plan for last two coal boilers
  • No increase to parking permit rates for 2021-22
  • Planning may begin for new or expanded parking lots around Iowa State Center (athletics dept projects)
  • Student residence, dining rates approved for 2021-22
  • ISU receives 389-acre farmland gift in Worth County
  • Names changes at ISU: sociology and criminal justice, Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and Research

Regents direct Iowa, Northern Iowa to adopt syllabus statement

  • Approval of 10 recommendations from ad-hoc Free Speech Committee (regents Leist, Boettger and Barker conducted a 3-month best practices study among colleges and universities)
  • Gateway bridge over University Boulevard east of stadium gets final board approval
  • FY22 parking permit rates get first read: No change to permit fee; 25 cents/hour increase in metered lots
  • Residence department annual report and first read on housing, dining rates for FY22, four residence halls to start 2021-22 academic year shuttered due to lower demand
  • Third budget increase approved for poultry teaching and research facility (up $2.4 million, to $9.2 million), to enlarge turkey facility and purchase equipment and biosecurity systems for the chicken facility
  • 14-year-old Regent Admission Index will be reviewed by inter-institutional team to study whether it still meets the state's need
  • Approval of two leases: St. John, Virgin Islands property for horticulture department's EARTH program and with U.S. Cellular for more light pole-mounted communication equipment at Iowa State Center, east recreation fields and Vet Med college to improve cell phone reception and data speeds


Regents ask for attention to free speech, efficiencies

  • Spring 2021 tuition won't go up
  • University presidents will report on free speech protection at February meeting; regents president Richards says board won't tolerate violations of the board's 2019 free speech policy. Board 3-member task force also will prepare a higher ed "best practices" report on guarding the First Amendment in higher education.
  • ACT/SAT admissions requirement waived through 2021-22 admissions cycle
  • Regents Barker, Dunkel present about two dozen recommendations for possible collaborations, greater efficiency among the regent universities; board will return to this at February meeting
  • 2021-22 professional development assignments approved for 29 ISU faculty
  • Athletics' sports performance center is named for supporters Richard and Joan Stark and family
  • Budget ($2.1 million), project scope expanded for SE glass wall system at Parks Library
  • Economics department's Iowa Community Vitality Center will close Dec. 31 (director retired in August) 

Regents approve 20-month building moratorium

  • FY22 funding request to state is +$18 million (ISU portion is $7 million), restoration of operating funds cut for FY21
  • Sole capital request for FY22 is $30 million for deferred maintenance (Iowa State's share is $11.4 million)
  • Through June 2022, campus building projects involving state funding can't add square footage to campus (recommended by regents' efficiencies task force)
  • FY22 athletics budgets approved
  • ISU building projects approved: $1.9 million budget increase to Student Innovation Center for audio-visual equipment in four areas, plan (no budget) to replace the HVAC and bump out north and south concourses at Hilton Coliseum, $2.8 million budget increase to feed mill/grain science complex at Curtiss farm due to higher-than-expected design and construction costs, permission to begin planning to renovate all the bathrooms in Helser and Friley residence halls, home to more than 1,900 students.

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New budget reflects $41 million revenue swing

  • Board approves FY21 university budgets; athletics budgets postponed to September meeting

Retirement incentive plan clears regents

  • Window for Iowa State RIO is Aug. 3, 2020-March 1, 2021, with retirement required by June 30, 2021
  • President Wintersteen is among regent leaders requesting salary reduction in FY21 to meet smaller budgets
  • Appointments approved for 4 ISU leaders: Pam Elliott Cain, Toyia Younger, Kristen Constant and Kristi Darr

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Preview story 2 (women leaders announcement)

Regents hope for open, safe campuses this fall

  • President Mike Richards: Regents' goal for fall is that universities can offer a full campus experience 
  • No tuition increases for 2020-21 for all ISU students (spring semester could be revisited in the fall)
  • University representatives named to academic, administrative subgroups of regents' 6-month efficiency advisory group
  • FY21 salary policy approved
  • Department name changed approved in Ivy College of Business: Management and entrepreneurship
  • New degree program approved in Graduate College: M.A. in teaching history
  • ISU plans approved to replace its last two coal-fired boilers with natural gas units, goal is to generate cost savings and enhance value of the whole system for possible partnership with a private utility company


Regents propose flat tuition for fall

  • First reading for no increases to tuition, mandatory fees for 2020-21. Board could revisit spring semester rates in the fall, if new information is available
  • University presidents outline costs, lost revenue due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • President Richards announces advisory group (four board members) to look for opportunities for collaboration among the three universities with a goal of efficiency, cost savings. Recommendations due at November board meeting.
  • Bond sale: $17.6 million of ISU dormitory revenue refunding bonds to refund three previous sales of dormitory revenue refunding bonds in 2010 and 2011

Regents greenlight faculty P&T requests

  • P&T requests approved for 98 ISU faculty
  • Data on faculty ranks: 2017-18 through 2019-20
  • Vet Diagnostic Lab: Final approval on budget and schematic design
  • Approval of compensation structure for new P&S classification/compensation system
  • Parking permit increases for FY 21 (ISU Parking division and Memorial Union ramp)
  • Student residence hall and apartment rates for two summers and 2020-21 academic year
  • New undergraduate major approved: B.S. in environmental engineering
  • Honorary doctoral degrees for ISU alumni Subra Suresh and Beth Ford
  • Sale of Fick Observatory property in Boone County
  • Mike Richards, Patty Cownie re-elected to two-year terms as board president, president pro-tem

Music Hall is named for Simon Estes

  • Athletics department may begin planning for pedestrian bridge over University Boulevard
  • Bond sale: $59.9 million for sports performance addition to Bergstrom
  • Music Hall named for music artist-in-resident Simon Estes
  • First read on FY 21 parking permit rates and student residence/dining rates
  • Investigation concluded into Sept. 14 incident at Jack Trice Stadium; not enough evidence to pursue any of five charges related to assault, mistreatment of U of Iowa marching band members
  • Project description and budget ($16 million) to replace the ISU power plant's central control system, in 12 phases over eight years


Students appeal to regents to act

  • Dozens of student attend, numerous speak during public comment period on a perceived lack of response to racist incidents on the campuses
  • Overview of Emsi economic impact study of three regent universities to the state (see Nov. 14 story)
  • ISU economic development annual report to the board (David Spalding, interim VP for economic development and industry relations)
  • ISU building project requests: Renovation of MU floors 4-6, planning to replace LeBaron Hall
  • Addition of computer science as a sixth course category in Regents Admissions Index
  • Change to catastrophic illness policy (employees who don't accrue vacation can receive vacation leave donations
  • ISU faculty professional development assignments for the 2020-21 academic year (48)
  • Permission to close two centers: Industrial Assessment Center and Center for Plant Responses to Environmental Stresses
  • Schematic design and budget ($5.9 million) to replace the slate roof on Friley residence hall (summers 2020 and 2021)
  • Naming the feed mill and grain science complex at Curtiss Farm for the Kent Corp., which provided the lead gift of $8 million

ISU delivers $3.4 billion to state economy

  • Economic impact and investment analysis of ISU (and all three regent universities) conducted by Emsi for the state Board of Regents

Report shows how a faculty work week is spent

  • Biennial faculty activities report (data from fall 2018)

Meet student regent Zack Leist

Funding request to replace LeBaron Hall heads to the state

  • FY2021 capital request will include 3-year, $30 million toward proposed $55 million replacement building for LeBaron Hall
  • FY2021 operations support incremental requests: $7 million for general university, $2.9 million for biosciences platforms (shared with U of Iowa)
  • Iowa Public Universities application portal will be phased out due to low use
  • Demolition of Insectary building approved
  • Two new degrees approved: bachelor of science in business analytics degree program, master of athletic training degree program
  • Approval of sale of Stagecoach Road 10-acre property to adjacent land owner
  • Approval to begin planning for Friley Hall roof replacement (from slate to asphalt shingles)

New budget relies on reallocations

  • ISU's FY20 general fund operating budget includes $10.1 million in incremental revenue and $8.1 million in reallocations to cover priorities such as salary increases, faculty promotions and support for academic programs
  • Permission to begin planning an estimated $40 million new building for the industrial and manufacturing systems engineering department
  • Permission to purchase East Lincoln Way warehouse to serve as ISU's central receiving facility (currently in a shared space on Airport Road)
  • Permission to lease Ontario Road property to city of Ames ($1/year) as site for proposed Healthy Life Center

Regents approve tuition, fee rates for fall

  • Iowa State students will pay between 3.7% and 4.8% more in tuition and fees. Also approved: Year 2 of a three-year plan to align differential tuitions into two categories
  • Board will divide new $12 million FY20 state appropriation evenly: $4 million to each university
  • Updates to President Wintersteen employment agreement with the board
  • ISU undergrad application fee raised $10, to $50 for U.S. applicants, $60 for international applicants
  • Final approval for $21.2 million feed mill and grain science complex at the Curtiss Farm
  • Budget change for new poultry facility: Add $1 million (new total $6.8 million) for turkey research/teaching

Regents have first look at tuition increases for fall

  • Tuition-only proposed increase for resident undergraduates is 3.9%, 4% for all DVM students, and 4.9% for all other students
  • Proposed mandatory fee increases: $29.50 per student ($16 for different funding structure to support student newspaper, $2 for student government, $11 for additional CyRide support)
  • Final board approval of promotions or tenure for 70 Iowa State faculty members for the 2019-20 year

Employee leaders appeal to regents for pay increases

  • Iowa State presenters: Stacy Renfro, P&S Council; Peter Martin, Faculty Senate
  • First tuition discussion (scheduled for April) postponed since Legislature is still in session; appropriations not known
  • Final board approval: $25 million in improvements to Hilton Coliseum (concessions, concourses, entrances), design and budget for Veterinary Medicine Field Services expansion, honorary degree at spring commencement for Robert Easter, president emeritus of University of Illinois, new board policy on freedom of expression on university campuses, parking permit rates for FY20, student housing and dining rates for FY20, program name changes: agricultural biochemistry becomes biochemistry; M.A. in graphic design becomes experiential graphic design

Hilton concourse, campus cellphone coverage proposals clear regent committee

  • Athletics department wants to begin planning (estimated) $25 million in improvements to Hilton: widening the concourse, moving concessions stands, redesigning north/south entrances for accessibility, upgrading mechnical system and both elevators
  • Other project proposals that clear facilities committee: Addition to Vet Med's field services building, contract with Verizon to improve campus, stadium cell phone coverage with small cells installation.
  • First read: FY20 parking permit rates, student housing rates
  • Summary data: 2017-18 student financial aid
  • President Mike Richards goes on record  in support of U of Iowa's exploration of a third-party service agreement to operate the campus' utlities (strategy: new revenue stream for the university)
  • Final board approval of ISU's National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education


Regents like five-year plan that connects tuition increases and state support

  • Five-year plan ties size of tuition increases for resident undergraduates directly to state funding increases (range is 3 percent to 3 percent plus projected HEPI)
  • Tuition discussion/decision move to April-June sequence
  • Final board approval for $90 million plan north of football stadium
  • Campus safety presentation by ISU police chief Michael Newton 
  • 2019-20 faculty professional development assignments approved (50 ISU faculty members)
  • $7 million plan to finish the 5th floor of the ATRB for the Nanovaccine Institute (construction April 2019-April 2020)
  • $3.2 million for upgrades for Helser Hall: tile floor out, painting interior walls, LED lighting, new room furnishings
  • Revised budget ($5.75 million, an increase of $750,000) for poultry farm replacement on South State Avenue

Planning will resume for a scaled-back veterinary lab

  • Regents have questions about duplication among doctoral programs in education (vote pending in November)
  • Planning will begin for smaller ($75 million) VDL
  • FY20 state funding request: $7.4 million increase for ISU
  • $28 million library learning hub (renovate stacks space on two floors)
  • $10 million recreation services' renovation to recreation fields east of football stadium

Gerdin addition has final approval from regents

  • Final approval for $28 million east addition to Gerdin
  • Final approval for Curtiss Hall third floor renovation ($2.3 million)
  • Planning begins for Memorial Union renovation (top three floors from hotel rooms to office and collaborative spaces for existing student service units (estimated $11 million)
  • Curtiss Farm education and outreach facilities ($21.2 million)
  • Residence hall window replacement ($12.7 million): Birch, Welch, Roberts, Helser, Oak and Elm
  • Elimination of two centers: Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI Design Center, electrical and computer engineering department; Asteroid Deflection Research Center becomes the Asteroid Defense Research Consortium
  • Board policy manual change to include public comment period as regular part of all regular meetings

Reallocations bolster new budget

  • Regents approve ISU's FY20 budget, which includes just over $14 million in new revenue and approximately $4.5 million in internal reallocations
  • President Wintersteen tells regents the funding priorities are salary increases, student financial aid, additional programming for international students and strategic hires to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion
  • FY18 mid-year reversions absorbed permanently by four ISU divisions
  • FY19 state appropriations for building projects total $11 million

Regents approve ISU tuition package

  • 2018-19 tuition increase, international student differential tuition (year 3 of 3), 3-year plan to bring all programmatic differential tuition to one of two levels
  • Regents' allocation of $8.3 million new state appropriation
  • Wintersteen to donate 2018 salary increase to ISU Foundation
  • Alternative RAI to become the only admissions index in 2020
  • Four new degree programs approved: population sciences in animal health, real estate development, actuarial science, data science
  • Land sale: 68 acres from ISU to the ISU Research Park

Most of midyear reversion to be absored centrally

  • State cuts to regent enterprise
  • President Wintersteen: How Iowa State will absorb its share

Employee reps share need for salary increases with regents

  • Speaking on behalf of ISU employees: Faculty Senate president Tim Day and P&S Council president Jessica Bell
  • Board gives final approval to 81 ISU promotion and tenure proposals
  • Also approved: housing and dining rates, parking permit rates, 3 requests for honorary degrees (Dwight Ink, Jon Kinzenbaw, Theaster Gates
  • President Mike Richards and president pro-tem Patty Cownie re-elected to two-year terms

Tuition proposal awaits June decision

  • ISU proposal has three pieces: 3.8 percent tuition increase for  resident undergraduates and 4 percent for all others;  final year of a three-phase, $542 annual tuition differential assessed all international students ($1,500 when implemented); and a three-year plan to align the various differential tuitions in two levels: $1,600 (all students) and $2,612 ($3,026 for nonresidents including international) annually when fully implemented.
  • ISU Student Government president Cody West provides tuition increase perspective to board members
  • Facility projects approved: final plans and three naming proposals for new poultry farm; sale of 68 acres to ISU Research Park
  • Location for vehicle dynamometer approved for ISU farm instead of Sukup Hall
  • Athletics department receives permission to begin planning for multiple improvements on the north side of football stadium 

ISU faculty and staff increasingly diverse, most among regent schools

  • Annual diversity report
  • Annual human resources report: salaries, primary occupational activities

Regents wait on legislative budget process

  • 2018-19 tuition discussions will occur at April, June meetings
  • Board may ask for five-year plan for predictability
  • Parking permit proposed increases for FY19
  • Differentiation of three Ivy College of Business MBA options
  • Residence system update from Pete Englin

Regents approve professional development assignments, four ISU project proposals (announcement)

  • Full board approval of faculty PDAs for FY19 (43 ISU faculty)
  • Board approval of four projects: ATRB floor assigned to the Nanovaccine Instititute, Hub renovation/reconfiguration, parking lot/lighting improvements adjacent to Hilton Coliseum, expanded plan for rec fields east of Willow Hall


Restroom project at Parks Library gets green light

  • Faculty PDAs for FY19 clear board committee: 43 Iowa State faculty
  • Final approval: Master of Professional Practice in Dietetics, non-thesis, online degree
  • Bathroom renovation project for Parks Library: 14 restrooms on five floors, $2.3 million project to be completed over two summers, 2018 and 2019
  • Other projects receiving board committee approval: Friley window replacement ($4.8 million, summers of 2018, 2019), revised budget for cancer therapy addition to small animal hospital, revised budget for Knoll interior renovations, revised budget for window replacement at Wallace-Wilson residence halls (summers 2017, 2018)
  • Two ISU refunding bond sales: $26 million (advance refund 2009 bonds for Hach Hall), $21.5 million (advance refund 2010 bonds for State Gym expansion)
  • Interim senior leader appointments: Joe Colletti, Pam Elliott Cain and Kristen Constant
  • State auditor October report on ISU's purchase of single-engine plane, Steve Leath's use of it for personal and business needs; ISU response to issues in report

With insider's insight, Wintersteen to lead university she's long served

  • Following interviews with three finalists and a private deliberation, regents select Wendy Wintersteen as ISU's 16th president

Report: ISU faculty more productive in teaching and research

  • Highlights of faculty activity report (self-reported during spring semester 2017)
  • Provost Wickert: Outcome is greater efficiency in teaching, higher productivity in research
  • Regents hire Mark Braun as executive director (three-year appointment), Braun's previous board COO position will not be filled
  • Naming of Ivy College of Business approved
  • Planning to begin on three projects: Knoll interior renovations during presidential transition, $8 million-$12 million in improvements to rec fields east of football stadium, additional building(s) at poultry science farm for teaching, research

Allen outlines efficiency savings, regents approve state funding request

  • ISU cost reductions and avoided costs since FY14: $22.7 million (not a comprehensive list)
  • Senior leaders and their teams identified more than 115 projects in three categories: salary and benefits, operations and facilities
  • Board approves ISU's FY19 incremental appropriation request: $5 million, designated for resident undergraduate student financial aid

Tuition questions will simmer until regents' October meeting

  • Tuition task force submits final report to full board
  • ISU bond sales: $6.25 million in athletic facilities revenue refunding bonds, to advance refund bonds sold in 2007 to pay for renovations to the west side of Jack Trice Stadium; $37.9 million in ISU Facilities Corp. revenue bonds to partially pay construction and equipment costs for the two biosciences projects, Advanced Teaching and Research Building, and Bessey Hall addition.
  • FY19 top capital request to state: $20 million to begin to replace the Vet Diagnostic Lab 

Quick look: Regent university five-year tuition proposals

  • Summary of the three regent university proposals to the Tuition Task Force

Seven percent tuition increases needed to catch up with decade of growth

  • Additional revenue would address four Iowa State priorities: faculty and staff retention, faculty and staff recruitment, building maintenance and expanded capacity, and investments in need-based financial aid

Regents approve nursing program and phased retirement policy; give green light for Gerdin planning expansion

  • Bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) program approved
  • New phased retirement policy for regents system (2017-22)
  • Planning will begin for Gerdin Building expansion
  • Two centers will close: Center for Integrated Animal Genomics and Midwest Agribusiness Trade Research
  • Board's governance committee tasked with leading the search for the next executive director
  • U of Iowa state relations officer Keith Saunders appointed interin executive director

Regents adjust tuition upward for second summer

  • $216 additional increase for all students
  • Tuition task force holds first meeting; presenter: Robert Toutkoushian, University of Georgia
  • FY18 salary policy approved
  • First readings: Proposed phased retirement replacement, RN to BSN program, elimination of two centers (Center for Integrated Animal Genomics and Midwest Agribusiness Trade Research)
  • Rec system facilities revenue refunding bonds: $25.17 million sale approved (advance refund 2009 bonds sold for State Gym expansion)
  • Executive director Robert Donley resigns; board accepts resignation

Regents take first look at $216 tuition increase

  • Proposed increase for 2017-18 would be applied to all ISU students
  • Ben Allen (interim president) and Cody West (student government president) comment on proposal
  • Regent vote will occur at June 8 meeting

Regents elect new board leaders (announcement only)

  • Michael Richards will fill the unexpired term of former president Bruce Rastetter; Patty Cownie will fill the unexpired term of former president pro tem Katie Mulholland. The leadership terms end April 30, 2018.

Presidential search timeline will match 2011 search

  • Search committee named: 21 members + 2 non-voting members
  • Search firm to be selected by May 3
  • Timeline: Application deadline in mid-August, semifinalist interviews in neutral location (mid-September), campus interviews for finalists by late September

Late tuition change surfaces for second straight year

  • Approval of 2017-18 faculty P&T requests (total of 52)
  • Regent Rastetter calls for 2017-18 tuition adjustment yet this summer
  • Salary appeal messages: Faculty Senate president Jonathan Sturm and Professional and Scientific Council president Clayton Johnson
  • Regent McKibben announces board president candidacy (May 1 election)
  • Flat 2017-18 parking permit rates (MU ramp permits will go up)
  • Projects approval: Welch Road/Union Drive reconstruction, west campus chilled water system upgrade
  • Two new research centers: Crop Bioengineering Center, Nanovaccine Institute
  • Approval of 2017-18 residence and dining rates
  • New online degree program: Master of Human Computer Interaction
  • Name changes: women's and gender studies program, Center for STEM Education
  • Bond sale: $24.175 million in refunding bonds to advance refund 2008 bonds for Hach Hall construction

Presidential search will be open

  • Former ISU provost Ben Allen appointed interim president, effective May 9
  • President Steven Leath's last day at Iowa State is May 8
  • Allen to serve as senior policy adviser April 17-May 8
  • Board executive director Bob Donley directed to launch search: hire search firm, appoint committee and lay out a timeline

Garden project, park sale clear regents

  • Four-acre Franklin Park to be sold to Ames for $166,000
  • Sycamore Falls project in SW Reiman Gardens: plans, budget ($3.4 million) approved
  • ISU report: Highest-ever 1-year retention, 6-year graduation rates recorded this year
  • Regents' audit committee hears ISU weapons audit; to full boord in April
  • First look at: FY18 parking rates, 2017-18 housing and dining rates, athletics department purchase of tennis practice facility from developer
  • Dormitory revenue refunding bond sale: $8.295 million, advance refunds most of 2007 bonds that partially funded two east campus dining center


Regents approve tuition changes for 2017-18

  • Approved increases: 2 percent for resident undergrads; 3 percent for all others
  • First-time differential tuition approved for juniors, seniors and graduate students in five programs: animal science, biology, computer science, industrial design and natural resource ecology and management
  • Adjust differential tuition for bachelor of architecture students and upper-division Business students
  • New president for UNI: Mark Nook, effective Feb. 1, 2017
  • 42 faculty PDAs approved for 2017-18
  • Final approval from the board on the Student Innovation Center (schematic design and $84 million budget)
  • Black Cultural Center named for George Jackson
  • University purchase of 78 acres adjacent to the south end of the ISU Research Park (Hunziker property)
  • Residence hall renovations: $11.4 million renovation of the bathrooms in six Richardson Court residence halls: Barton, Birch, Freeman, Lyon, Roberts and Welch halls; two projects for the Wallace and Wilson residence halls: ($3.3 million replacement of 1,280 windows, $2.7 million effort to replace the flooring in student rooms and lighting in the corridors and paint the building interiors)
  • Renew three leases with city of Ames for university land operated as city parks: Brookside, Stuart Smith and Franklin parks

Tuition increases, travel audit dominate regents discussion

  • Student leaders express concern about growing disparity between resident and nonresident tuition rates
  • Board directs its audit staff to complete full audit of travel policies and state equipment use at all 3 universities
  • Task force selects CashCourse as financial literacy program for students at all 3 universities; pilot to occur at Iowa State spring 2017
  • UNI presidential search update and timeline
  • 10-year lease (2017-26) between ISU and the Research Park for entire warehouse building on Southern Hills Drive (for use by Harrisvaccines)
  • Second Buchanan residence hall named for Gregory Geoffroy
  • Residence department will sign five-year leases (2017-22) with off-campus developers for southwest Ames and Campustown apartment buildings (Jensen Properties, American Campus Communities)
  • Two bond sales: $14.345 million in dormitory revenue bonds, and $24.48 million utility system revenue and refunding bonds

Regents approve FY18 state funding requests

  • Incremental request is 2 percent (in FY18 and FY19) to both the general university and direct appropriations
  • Capital request of $20 million/year for five years (FY18-22) to replace the veterinary diagnostic laboratory (estimated $124 million project)
  • UNI presidential search opened Sept. 12; board hopes to make a hire in December
  • Permission to expand the Gentle Doctor cafe renovation at the College of Vet Med (from $1.8 million to $3.4 million; includes an adjacent commons/flexible space
  • Honorary Doctor of Science degree for alumnus Dennis Muilenburg, president and CEO of The Boeing Co., to be bestowed in May 2017
  • Begin design work on $22 million chilled water expansion project on the north and west sides of campus
  • Name the indoor tennis practice facility for alumnus and Des Moines attorney Bruce McKee (at a later date, when the university purchases the facility)

Regents approve second round of tuition increases

  • Second set of tuition increases for 2016-27 academic year
  • Presidents Leath, Herreld turn down compensation increases for July 1
  • Annual cost of instruction comparison
  • ISU 2017-22 strategic plan approved
  • ISU FY17 operating budget approved
  • New appointment option for NTE faculty: clinical faculty
  • B.S. in entrepreneurship in the College of Business
  • $1.8 million hardware, software and maintenance contract: Accommodating more internet-capable devices on campus
  • Changes to the Knoll (front entry, sidewalks, four-season porch, deck)

Regent vote on proposed tuition increase set for July 18

  • Second round of tuition increases for 2016-17: $300 for resident ug, $100 for nonresident ug and all grad students, $50 for all VM students
  • Update: TIER academic cases: Distance learning, classroom use, enrollment management
  • Update: TIER procurement business case
  • Regent McKibben: Successor to TIER is CQI: Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Proposed changes to board's policy manual (shrunk from 11 chapters to four)

Board accepts Des Moines higher ed report

  • Presentation by Ray Thompson, VP with MGT of America (consultant)
  • Charts: ISU ug student financial aid: Who receives aid, who has debt at graduation, size of debt for those graduating with debt
  • Leath to board: Campus police are launching three safety initiatives, including pilot in which all uniformed officers wear body cameras
  • FY17 salary parameters approved
  • Appointments: Laura Dunn Jolly (HS dean), Kate Gregory (senior VP for university services), Michael Norton (university counsel)
  • Altered assignments/titles for Jim Kurtenbach (ITS), Miles Lackey and Joe Murphy (both president's office>
  • LaVonne Gregory farm gift
  • Institute for Combinatorial Discovery shut down, effective June 30
  • Penn State replaces U of Arizona in Iowa State's peer 11 group

Regents approve faculty P&T, receive salary comments

  • Fifty-eight ISU faculty promotion, tenure cases
  • Rob Wallace (Faculty Senate) and Tera Lawson (P&S Council) present salary increase comments for FY17
  • Regents Bruce Rastetter, Katie Mulholland re-elected to board leadership positions (2-year terms)
  • Parking, dining, student housing rates approved for 2016-17
  • Anthropology and world languages and cultures departments merged
  • Land easements with Dakota Access for crude oil pipeline across ISU property in Story, Buena Vista counties
  • Lease a new indoor practice facility for Cyclone (women's) tennis team at Mortensen Road/South Dakota Ave.

Regents hear about recruitment consortium, Des Moines education needs study

  • All-Iowa regional chapter of the national Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
  • Board has contract with consultant MGT of America for a higher education needs assessment in the Des Moines metro area
  • ISU stats from joint annnual distance education report
  • President Leath announces new position: information security officer; a collaborative position among ISU, UNI, board office and the state's two K-12 special schools
  • ISU and UNI "3+2" articulation agreement signed (physics, engineering degrees)
  • Proposed parking permit fees for 2016-17
  • $8 million budget increase (to $88 million) for two ISU biosciences projects (Bessey addition and ATRB)
  • ISU curriculum changes: name change B.S. in culinary science to culinary food science, new B.A. program in criminal justice


Regents conditionally approve tuition rates for next year

  • Tuition rates for 2016-17 approved, but will be revisited after the 2016 legislative session if state support doesn't match board's request
  • 31 ISU faculty professional development requests approved for 2016-17 academic year
  • Board approves three construction projects: Schematic design and budget for green space between football stadium and Reiman Gardens, revised budget for Friley dining center renovation, Forker Building renovation for kinesiology department
  • Honorary degrees approved for DeAnne Julius, Eugene Sukup, to be awarded Dec. 19, 2015

Consultant's class scheduling, course offering findings go to regents

  • First look at 2016-17 tuition and fee proposals, including supplemental tuition for international students ($500/year for 3 years)
  • Center for Statistics and Application in Forensic Evidence approved
  • Iowa Public Radio board expanded from 7 members to 10
  • Miles Lackey: Summary on Ad Astra work, recommendations on two other business cases: improving classroom and lab use through informed scheduling policies, and optimizing faculty assignments in a course schedule that is data-driven and student-centered

Regents receive recommendations for two academics-related TIER cases

  • Pappas Consulting presentations on enrollment management and e-learning(academic business cases)
  • Education and student affairs committee: Faculty activity survey (spring 2015) outcomes, graduate student assocations' income tax break proposal for graduate, professional alums who take jobs in Iowa

Spring tuition increase is for ISU, UNI students only

  • U of I students exempted from spring semester 2016 (3 percent) increase for resident undergraduates
  • FY 2017 state appropriation requests approved; General University appropriation increase requests of $4.5 million for U of I, $7.6 million for UNI and $8.2 million for ISU; and 2.7 percent increases for directed appropriations
  • Assoc VP Martino Harmon provides update on changes implemented at Thielen Student Health Center
  • Three university presidents announce their fall enrollments
  • Board approves ISU Global Corporation; first proposed project is in Uganda
  • $30 million sale of dormitory revenue bonds: Buchanan Hall 2

Regents review tuition request, approve more leased apartments

  • First look at spring 2016 3 percent tuition increase for resident undergraduates
  • One-year lease for 12 apartment units (48 beds) on Tripp St.
  • FY16 compensation package for President Steven Leath (5 percent increase plus deferred compensation)
  • Planning can begin for Student Innovation Center
  • Leath update on Thielen Student Health Center changes
  • Approval of ISU Facilities Corp. for financing building projects
  • Cremation garden at ISU cemetery
  • Final TIER reports from Huron Consulting and Chazey Partners; Huron group to be retained for some implementation
  • ISU purchase of $3.66 million electron microscope for Sensitive Instrument Facility
  • FY16 budgets approved
  • 20-year lease between board and ISU Research Park for about one-third of the space in the new Hub Square facility scheduled for completion in 2016

Biosciences projects receive regents' approval

  • Final approval for two biosciences projects: Bessey Hall addition ($28 million) and new teaching/research building ($52 million)
  • Regent Rastetter: Undergraduate tuition freeze guaranteed only for fall semester
  • Rastetter: Despite Legislature's failure to support it, performance-based funding concept is not going away
  • Regents' common admissions portal goes live July 1
  • Settlement for TIAA-CREF participants from Standard and Poor class action lawsuit
  • President Leath pledges to interview all men's basketball coach finalists
  • 10-year lease with CB Solar, Des Moines for donated solar system, to be installed near wind turbine in east campus
  • Purchase of 29-acre track of land along State Avenue from housing developer Breckenridge Group

Regents begin salary discussion, approve faculty P&T awards

  • 70 ISU faculty receive promotion and/or tenure awards for 2015-16
  • Representatives of non-unionized employee groups give input for FY16 salary adjustments
  • $30 million sale of dormitory revenue bonds (first of 2 sales to help cover costs of Buchanan Hall II and renovation of Friley dining center)
  • TIER update
  • Final approval of FY16 parking permit rates, and residence and dining rates
  • Final meeting for regents Robert Downer, Ruth Harking and Hannah Walsh
  • Stadium south endzone club named for Sukup family

Regents approve property purchase, online degree, bond sale

  • ISU purchases property at 925 Airport Rd. (former Deere dealership)
  • New online B.S. in early childhood education and training (Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance)
  • TIER update from Regent McKibben and Mark Braun
  • Annual student retention report (fall 2014)
  • First look at 2015-16 parking permit rates, residence and dining rates
  • Athletics Facility Revenue Refund bond sale: $11.765 million to advance-refund 2007 stadium project bonds

Regents approve alternative admissions index

  • RAI to be used when student's class rank isn't available
  • Two business analytics programs approved: Master of Business Analytics at ISU, Master of Science in Business Analytics at U of Iowa
  • Faculty resignations report: FY 2014
  • ISU annual diversity report (federal FY 2014)
  • Permission to plan for Forker renovation
  • Permission for residence department to negotiate more off-campus apartment leases with Jensen Properties for two years (Aug. 1, 2015 to July 31, 2017)
  • Athletic facilities revenue bond sale: $32.3 million, to cover part of the cost of football stadium south expansion


Resident undergraduates get a third tuition freeze

  • 2015-16 tuition rates approved
  • New ISU center approved: Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites
  • Green light to proceed with planning for 700-bed residence hall; ISU to use design-build process for first time
  • Stadium project budget raised $7 million, to $53 million
  • Update on TIER business cases and RFPs
  • Faculty professional development assignments approved for 2015-16
  • Purchase of $1.7 million high-performance computing cluster approved
  • Larch Hall exterior wall project approved ($3.3 million)
  • Utility revenue bonds sale approved ($16.5 million)

Deloitte's work for regents is complete but more consultants to be hired

  • Nov. 14 telephonic meeting
  • Board votes to implement eight remaining administrative business cases, with a consultant to be hired by the board for help implementing three of the cases
  • Consultant also will be hired to complete the academic programs review
  • A third RFP will be issued for implementation assistance with a purchasing business case the board approved in August
  • Board will negotiate a service agreement with Ad Astra (a Deloitte subconstractor) for help on two business cases related to space allocation/scheduling efficiencies

Regents consider third tuition freeze

  • First look: Proposed increases for 2015-16 of less than 2 percent
  • Regent McKibben announces intent to propose tuition freeze at Dec. 3 meeting
  • University presidents provide comments on TIER administrative business cases
  • Aaron Brower, U of Wisconsin, presentation: Flexible study option for adult students
  • Building requests: Hach Hall basement labs, Friley dining center renovation, increased budget for Marston Hall renovation, Larch Hall exterior wall improvements


Campus audience brings questions to TIER consultants

  • Summary of Oct. 13 TIER campus forum at ISU
  • Synopsis of questions posed and consultants' responses

Input sought on eight efficiency proposals

  • Content summary: Oct. 2 TIER-only special board meeting
  • Eight business cases in administrative areas
  • Each campus will hold open forum with Deloitte introducing the eight
  • Regents will vote on the eight at a special Nov. 14 meeting

Regents will seek state funds to implement funding model

  • "Supplemental" funding in FY16 would cover first-year shift of funds to ISU and UNI from Iowa without actually taking funds from Iowa
  • Regents Downer, Sahai express regrets about board's approval of the performance-based funding model
  • FY16 funding requests -- operating and capital requests -- to state approved (due to state by Oct. 1)
  • Three more business cases approved in TIER study: P&S search committees, standardized calculations for RAI when 1 of the 4 measures isn't available, single admissions portal for all three univiersities
  • Crum: Update on research park expansion, phase 3

Regents will move forward with third Deloitte contract

  • Board executive director Robert Donley will negotiate third contract with Deloitte Consulting to implement purchasing business case
  • Deloitte team members must provide expense receipts for Board of Regents work
  • ISU FY15 budget gets final approval
  • New programs approved: Master's and doctoral degrees in gerontology
  • New title for Michael Crum: vice president for economic development and business engagement

TIER forum: 17 cases selected for detailed look

  • June 24 public forum is juncture between phases 1 and 2
  • 17 'business cases' selected that offer greatest opportunity for cost savings or greater efficiency

Regents issue phase 1 report in efficiency study

  • Four-page report summarizes Phase 1 results and recommendations
  • Broad areas of focus in Phase 2

Regents endorse new state funding formula

  • Board votes 8-1 to accept task force proposal
  • One modification: 5 percent tied to resident graduate and professional enrollment, replaces proposed 5 percent for job placement in Iowa

Football stadium plans clear final hurdle

  • Phase I ($46 million) budget and schematic design approved
  • Lease for second floor of Kingland Systems building in Campustown. Proposed ISU tenants: Iowa State Daily, University Relations and ISU Foundation call center
  • Two new ISU centers approved: Iowa Soybean Research Center, reinstated Midwest Transportation Center (in existence in some form since 1987)
  • Compensation package for Steven Leath for FY15: $500,000 plus deferred compensation
  • Extension approved to TIER contract with Deloitte Consulting: Up to $1 million for Phase 2
  • ISU salary increase parameters approved for FY15


Proposed model would send more state funds to Iowa State, UNI

  • Task force completes its work
  • 4-1 vote on proposal that links 60 percent of Gen U funds to enrollment of in-state students (all levels)
  • Proposal will be presented to regents at June meeting
  • Sixth (final) meeting: May 5

Regents approve faculty, promotion, tenure awards

  • Iowa State list contains 76 faculty
  • Presentations from non-unionized employee groups RE: Salary increases in FY15
  • Steven Gettel selected as superintendent of the Iowa School for the Deaf, Council Bluffs, and the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School, Vinton, effective Aug. 1
  • Board elections: Bruce Rastetter, Katie Mulholland
  • Final approval of FY15 parking permit, residence and dining rates
  • Construction projects: Labs for unfinished Hach Hall basement space, second Daktronics scoreboard, this time for south end of football stadium
  • Revised university funding support for Iowa Public Radio

Enrollment could be a driver in new funding formula

  • Task force develops first draft of a performance-based state funding model
  • No consensus on which students to include in enrollment portion of draft model: All students vs. resident students vs. resident undergraduates
  • Fifth meeting: April 17

Leath: State funding should follow resident students

  • Three regent university presidents present on their preferred metrics for a performance-based funding model
  • Fourth meeting: March 13

Deloitte review team comes to campus week of March 24

  • Campus forum delayed to April 1 (spring break)
  • First look at parking permit, residence and dining rates for FY15
  • Honorary degree approved: Stephen Rapp, U.S. State Dept.

Planning will proceed on biosciences building, residence hall

  • Board gives planning green light to: residence hall east of Buchanan Hall, renovation to Friley Dining Center, new biosciences facility, biosciences addition to Bessey Hall, replacement of south end of Jack Trice Stadium, addition and renovation to Scheman Building (pending March 4 bond vote).
  • Board gives final approval to Martson Hall renovation plans

Regents tap Deloitte firm to conduct 'transformational' review

  • In special telephonic meeting (Feb. 11), board approves selection of Deloitte Consulting to conduct efficiency review of each of the three regent universities as well as the three schools as a system

Regents task force looks at Tennessee's bold model

  • Teleconference with Russ Deaton, Tennessee Higher Education Commission
  • Presentation by Martha Snyder, NY-based consultant who specializes in higher education finance policies
  • Presentation by ISU faculty member Janice Friedel and graduate student Zoe Thornton: historical look at states' attempts at performance-based funding
  • Third meeting: Jan. 21


Iowa can learn from other states on funding distribution for public universities

  • Presentation by Matt Pellish, Education Advisory Board
  • Presentations by Iowa State faculty David Peters, Tahira Hira and student financial aid director Roberta Johnson
  • Second meeting: Dec. 17

Tuition rates approved, conditionally

  • Tuition rates for in-state undergraduates to remain at 2012-13 levels for third year, if Legislature appropriates operating funding request
  • 37 professional development assignments approved for Iowa State faculty during the 2014-15 academic year
  • Board will hire consultant to lead efficiency and transformation review of regent schools
  • Patrick Clancy, superintendent of Iowa's two special schools for hearing- and sight-impaired students, will retire June 30, 2014
  • New ISU center approved: Center for Arthropod Management Technologies in the entomology department
  • Two ISU bond sales: Dormitory revenue bonds to complete six new buildings at Frederiksen Court, academic building revenue refunding bonds (2003, 2004 bond sales)

Tuition freeze awaits December vote

  • Proposed 2014-15 tuition (flat) and mandatory fees ($5.80 increase)
  • Honorary degree for NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson at fall commencement
  • Two landscaping projects at the Knoll (private gifts)

Task force will recommend new model for allocating state funds to universities

  • First meeting: Oct. 18
  • Group hopes to send recommendations to board in June 2014
  • Consultant: Art Hauptman

Regents assemble requests for state funding next year

  • FY15 state funding requests: 4 percent operating increase, biosciences building planning funds
  • Biennial report: Faculty work week and work load
  • Close ISU center: Airworthiness Assurance Center of Excellence (IPRT center)

Regents approve final budget, transparency recommendations

  • Regents approve final budget; President Leath discusses how new revenues will be spent
  • Board approves recommendations of the Transparency Task Force
  • Provost Jonathan Wickert gives strategic plan progress report
  • New Iowa Nutrient Research Center is created; board closes two centers and the Harkin Institute of Public Policy
  • Board approves two new programs -- master of finance and bachelor of science in public relations

Regents move on salary, budget and capital project items

  • FY14 salary parameters approved
  • Planning may begin on Marston Hal renovations
  • Budget for School of Education renovation in Lagomarcino raised to $5.1 million
  • CALS gets approval to set up branch office (non governmental organization or NGO) in Uganda
  • David Spalding appointment approved for Aug. 1, 2013
  • Iowa Public Radio operating agreement renewed through June 2019
  • 25-year lease approved between ISU and ISU Foundation (property owner) for the university to continue to operate the Vondra Geology Field Station in central Wyoming
  • ISU's amended FY13 budget is approved

Regents approve P&T awards, off-campus apartment leasts

  • Residence department will lease 5 off-campus apartments August 2013-July 2014
  • Promotion and/or tenure awards for 56 ISU faculty
  • Craig Lang appoints regents task force to study state's General University appropriations
  • FY14 salary policy presentations: ISU's Suzanne Hendrich and Dave Orman
  • FY14 parking permit fees approved
  • FY14 residence hall and dining package rates approved (O%)
  • UNI president Ben Allen will retire on May 24

$10 permit increase proposal goes to the regents

  • Proposed parking permit fees for FY14: ISU, MU
  • Board creates transparency task force to recommend best practices for providing and responding to public requests for information
  • No increases to residence, dining rates will be sought for FY14
  • Board attorney reports on Merit contract agreements
  • $25 million dormitory revenue bond sale (Frederiksen Court) approved
  • Appointment of Sarah Rajala as Engineering dean approved
  • FY12 annual report on faculty resignations received
  • Request to purchase high-performance computer cluster for approximately $1.4 million approved
  • 2011 Nobel Prize winner Dan Schechtman was introduced

Regents approve ISU property purchases

  • Property purchases: Former ISU Press complex and 250 Hyland Ave. (residence)
  • Board appoints task force to assess transparency and openness across the regents enterprise
  • Steven Leath's deferred compensation bumped to $100,000/year
  • Affirmative action employment data (ISU) from regents annual report to the Legislature


Tuition, fees to remain flat for in-state students

  • 2013-14 tuition and student fees (mandatory and non-mandatory), including differential tuition
  • Professional development assignments approved for 45 ISU faculty for 2013-14
  • Three natural gas boilers will replace three coal-fired boilers
  • New student regent Hannah Walsh, U of Iowa, seated
  • New ISU Ph.D. program in wind energy science, engineering and policy approved
  • Sale of $16.58 million in dormitory revenue refunding bonds (replaces bonds sold in 2003 to build Martin Hall) for interest savings
  • Plans approved to put sprinkler system, floor kitchenettes (10) in Wilson Hall

Regents vote to end tuition set-aside for in-state students

  • Practice of using tuition revenue for financial aid will end for in-state undergraduates; board will ask Legislature to fund a new state financial aid program and university foundations to raise more scholarship funds
  • First look at 2013-14 tuition and fees proposal
  • First look at 2013-14 non-mandatory student fees
  • Green light for six more apartment buildings (720 beds)in Frederiksen Court
  • Student regent Greta Johnson resigns
  • Final approval of 10-year agreement with PUREnergy for on-campus wind turbine
  • President emeritus title granted to Gregory Geoffroy
  • School of Education administrative space remodeling in Lagomarcino Hall: Approve budget increase of $825,000 (to $3.725 million)

Report to regents: Replace tuition set aside with state grant program

  • Committee recommends replacement plan for tuition set-aside
  • Regent Lang asks for no tuition increase for 2012-13 for resident undergraduate students
  • Lang directs regents staff to develop RFP for efficiency consultant
  • FY14 state appropriations request (due to state Oct. 1)
  • Wilson Hall improvements: Fire sprinkler system, kitchenette on each floor
  • Amended lease for indoor golf practice facility (addition of chipping, putting areas)

Regents approve new programs, give first green light to more student apartments

  • Permission to plan additional buildings at Frederiksen Court
  • Purchase YMCA lodge and woodland NW of campus
  • Honorary degree for James Barnard, environmental engineer
  • Name track at Cyclone Sports Complex for Bill and Karen Bergan
  • Name combined football facilities for Steve and Debbie Bergstrom
  • Establish three new master's programs: Master of Engineering in engineering management, Master of Urban Design, Master of Design in Sustainable Environments
  • Move Center for e-Design to ISU from Virginia Tech
  • Plans for using $1.05 million from Regents Innovation Fund (state appropriation)
  • Schematic designs for MacKay auditorium remodel and Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center (new construction)
  • President Leath salary adjustment for FY13
  • Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement: Protest against Regent Rastetter

FY13 budget priorities: Student experience, research, salaries

  • Final approval of ISU's FY13 budget

Regents assign tuition set aside solution to a committee

  • Replacement plan to tution set aside due by October
  • New annual reporting requirement (all 3 universities) to account for how the schools spend state appropriations and tuition dollars
  • Revise Curtiss Hall renovation budget (up $1.2 million) to $14.3 million
  • Revise proposed changes to elevated walkways at Iowa State Center
  • Roy J. Carver Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology
  • 10-year lease for golf practice facility off S. Duff Avenue
  • 50-year lease with city of Ames for land in Moore Memorial Park as site for golf course maintenance building
  • Appointment of Jonathan Wickert as senior vice president and provost, effective July 30, annual salary of $350,000

Regents approve 68 ISU faculty for promotion and tenure

  • 2012-13 faculty promotion and tenure awards
  • Lang, Rastetter reelected to board leadership posts
  • Tuition set-aside presentation by board staff member
  • Employee comments: FY13 salary adjustments, salary issues
  • Parking permit fees approved for 2012-13
  • School of Education office remodel in Lagomarcino approved
  • Residence hall, dining rates for 2012-13 approved
  • Request to terminate M.S., Ph.D. programs in zoology approved

College of Design reorganization clears final hurdle

  • Administrative reorganization of College of Design
  • Annual summary: Student retention and graduation rates
  • 2012-13 mandatory student fees: How they'll be spent
  • "Universities for a Better Iowa" promotion update

Regents get first look at parking permit, residence hall proposals

  • Proposed parking permit fees for 2012-13: ISU, MU
  • Proposed residence hall, dining rates for 2012-13
  • 2012 Dance Marathon report: ISU team raised $380,742
  • B.S. program in insect science terminated
  • Budget ($3.23 million) approved to remodel MacKay auditorium
  • Agriculture Student Learning Center named for Jeff and Deb Hansen
  • Presentation by Sandy Baum, College Board, on tuition set-aside, state grant programs and need-based vs. merit-based student aid

Athletic training gets its own bachelor's degree

  • Stand-alone bachelor's degree for athletic training
  • Bond sale for football program's new facility (up to $25.85 million)
  • Aug. 2010 flood recovery update
  • Budget increase for Phase 1 of Curtiss Hall improvements
  • 4-phase plan to install sprinkler system in Friley Hall
  • Presentation by Doug Gruenewald on ISU learning communities


School of Education clears final hurdle

  • School of Education takes effect July 1, 2012
  • 2012-13 tuition and fees, including differential tuition, approved
  • New naming policy for centers and institutes
  • Goal: 2012 legislation that would permit design-build contracts on regent construction projects
  • Response to Thomas Walker letter in the ISU Daily
  • 29 faculty PDAs approved for FY13
  • Demolition of Andrews-Richards House approved
  • New department name: Apparel, events and hospitality management

Regents wrestle with another tuition increase

  • First look at proposed 2011-12 tuition increases
  • Board request to simplify or better communicate the list of nonmandatory student fees by next year
  • Recognition of president Geoffroy's service to ISU
  • Start date of Jan. 16, 2012, for president Steven Leath
  • Naming buildings: Phase 2 of the biorenewables complex for the Sukup family and the remodeled small animal hospital for Christina Hixson, sole trustee of Lied Foundation Trust

Second phase of biorenewables complex moves forward

  • Budget and project description for ABE wings of biorenewables complex
  • Refund State Gym portion of fall student recreation fees
  • FY13 ISU appropriation requests to state of Iowa
  • FY13 ISU capitals request for planning for a new biosciences building
  • Planned use of FY12 Grow Iowa Values Fund dollars
  • $130,000 of external improvements and $245,000 of internal upgrades to the Knoll before president Gregory Geoffroy's successor arrives

Regents approve FY12 budget, honorary degrees, president's salary increase

  • Final approval of FY12 budget
  • Honorary degrees for Ben Allen, Daniel Gianola and George Belitsos
  • 4 percent salary increase in FY12 for president Geoffroy
  • IPR purchase of two Des Moines radio stations, KZHZ and KZHC

One year later

  • Aug. 2010 flood likely to cost ISU $4-6 million

Regents lay groundwork for presidential search

  • Parker Executive Search, Atlanta, and search committee makeup
  • FY12 salary increases: faculty, P&S, merit
  • Football training facility: schematic design and budget
  • Harl Commons in Curtiss Hall: schematic design and budget
  • Flood recovery update
  • New program approved: Bachelor of Design

Regents approve faculty promotions, Troxel Hall, outdoor sports complex

  • Faculty promotions, tenure awards for 2011-12
  • Final green light for Troxel Hall (teaching auditorium)
  • Final approval for outdoor sports complex
  • Presentations from four potential consultants in the ISU presidential search
  • Final approval of room and board rates for 2011-12
  • Approval of ISU's new post-tenure review policy
  • Reactivate the board's Economic Development Committee (last meeting was March 2007)

Regents approve Harkin institute

  • New ISU institute on public policy to be named for Sen. Tom Harkin
  • Allocation of 2011-12 mandatory student fees
  • Extend deadline (to June 30, 2011) for Phased Plus retirement program
  • 2011-12 parking permit rates
  • Name change for plant pathology department, to: plant pathology and microbiology
  • Five-year renewal period (2012-17) for the regent system's phased retirement program (no changes to the program)

Regents approve 5 percent tuition hike for in-state students

  • 2011-12 tuition and mandatory fees, differential tuition
  • Proposed room and board rates for 2011-12
  • Spring 2011 honorary degree: Robert Shelton
  • Revised budget for stadium video scoreboard and sound system

Sports complex moves into final design phase; regents ask for one more look

  • Outdoor sports complex: permission to begin final design
  • Proposed 2011-12 parking permit rates

Five percent tuition hike request goes to regents; decision expected in March

  • 2011-12 tuition and mandatory fees: first look
  • Timeline for reviewing non-tuition related fees moved to coincide with tuition discussions

Estimates on summer flood, wind damage are coming down

  • Flood, FEMA update by Warren Madden: damage estimate closer to $30 million
  • Alumni survey results presented by Peter Orazem
  • New HVAC system for Laboratory Animal Resources in Vet Med
  • Revised budget for Willow residence hall improvements
  • Ames-ISU 41-year lease for university property that is site of intermodal transportation facility

Iowa State gets green light to purchase Des Moines veterinary hospital

  • Iowa State will buy Iowa Veterinary Specialties for $4.5 million


Regents approve faculty development proposals, agree to revisit the concept

  • 22 faculty development proposals at ISU for 2022-12
  • August flood update (mitigation strategy: 500-year-flood level plus 2 feet)
  • Lisa Nolan appointment to Vet Med dean post
  • New Swine Medicine Education Center in the College of Vet Med
  • New degree program: master of industrial design, in the College of Design

Athletics department gets first green light for new outdoor complex

  • $10.7 milllion complex for soccer, softball, track and field
  • New video scoreboard ($4 million) for (north end of) Jack Trice Stadium
  • ISU annual technology transfer report, presented by Sharron Quisenberry

Regents approve expedited flood recovery, phase-out of athletics subsidy

  • Expedited flood recovery processes, as outlined in the Iowa code
  • Phasing out state funds for athletics department at end of FY11
  • Schematic design and budget for Curtiss Hall student services mall
  • Begin project planning on Curtiss Hall's Harl Commons
  • Appropriations request to the state for FY12

Iowa State keeps an eye on 2050 in new strategic plan

  • Regents approve Iowa State's five-year strategic plan (2010-2015)

Troxel Hall proposal gets green light from regents

  • Proposed Troxel Hall, approved naming for Doug Troxel
  • Update to horticulture greenhouse building size, budget
  • New 3-year deferred compensation package for Geoffroy; base salary remains unchanged at his request
  • Bachelor's degree in industrial design
  • FY11 Grow Iowa Values Fund proposals
  • $28.2 million in academic building revenue bonds: Hach Hall, Vet Med phase 2
  • Purchase a computer system for C6 in order to complete research projects for U.S. Army and Air Force
  • Sell Norman Farm (38 acres) to the Committee for Agricultural Development
  • High-efficiency boilers to replace steam lines to Vet Med and Jacobson/Olsen

Regents approve FY11 budget, salary policy

  • FY11 salary increase policies approved for employee groups
  • TIAA-CREF contribution returns to 10 percent level in FY11
  • Final annual report on 2005-10 ISU strategic plan
  • Honorary degree (spring 2011) for chemist Harold Scheraga
  • 2010-11 misc. student fees (non-tuition related) approved
  • Program, name changes approved for College of Design

Proposed FY11 budget gets first look from regents

  • Limited number of salary increases in FY11
  • RIO3, Phased Plus program approved

Regents approve faculty promotions, further study of efficiency proposals

  • 2010-11 faculty P&T list
  • 12 projects for further study: inter-institutional efficiencies
  • 2010-11 parking permits
  • Distribution of 2010-11 mandatory student fees
  • New P&S compensation structure approved
  • Program termination (1) and additions (4)
  • 2010-11 room and board rates approved
  • Second bond sale for Rec Services project: $24 million
  • Honorary degree for Harold Brock at spring 2010 commencement
  • HVAC system for Vet Med laboratory animal resources facility

Regents get first look at proposed parking, room and board increases

  • 2010-11 parking permit fees
  • 2010-11 room and board rates
  • ISU honorary degree for alumnus Charles Manatt
  • New names for degree programs in apparel, educational studies and hospitality management department
  • Annual campus safety report
  • M.Ed. in educational leadership program in Ottumwa

RIO2 application deadline extended to June 1

  • Greenhouse replacement for hort department
  • State general fund support for athletics department
  • Four service areas to be studied for regent-wide consolidation, efficiency

Regents approve tuition increase, rescind spring surcharge

  • Tuition increase for 2010-11
  • Return $100/student surcharge
  • Gov. Culver proposes $10.8 million in supplemental funding for current fiscal year
  • Recommendations from task force looking at student debt, student accessibility to the regent universities (Tahira Hira)
  • LOMIS: department, B.S. name changes in College of Business
  • Axel and Mary Peterson Charitable Trust: new need-based scholarships


Regents approve spring surcharge

  • Spring semester 2010 $100 surcharge for students
  • New bid threshold ($25,000) for purchases
  • FY11 faculty development leaves

Regents review 2010-11 tuition proposals

  • FY2010-11 tuition proposal
  • Planning for proposed student services mall in Curtiss
  • Final approval for vet med equine facility
  • Name change: Department of Music and Theatre
  • Building name: Sukup Basketball Complex

Regents approve budget reversion plan

  • ISU proposal for FY10 mid-year budget reversion

Regents approve state funding request for next year

  • FY11 operating budget request
  • FY11 capitals request
  • Third bond sale involving Hach Hall: $26 million
  • Community College Policy Center

Regents approve ISU budget, tweak radio station's budget

  • FY10 budget: final board approval
  • Universities (3) support of Iowa Public Radio
  • FY10 Grow Iowa Value Funds
  • Vet Med Small Animal Hospital and Renovation, $45.1 million
  • ISU land purchase: 40 acres south of Ames
  • Financing plan for basketball practice facility

FY10 budget changes may begin; final approval set for Aug. 5

  • Update on retirement incentive option
  • Update on extension restructuring

Regents approve salary policy, honorary degrees, pilot teacher program

  • Pilot teacher license program
  • Resident status for military personnel attending a regent university
  • Accreditation reports
  • Honorary degrees: Patricia Quinlisk and Jonathan Rich
  • Fall 2009 rate for Wilson residence hall
  • End M.S. program in veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine

Geoffroy outlines plans to absorb cuts and use federal stimulus dollars

  • Strategies for FY10 budget
  • Federal stimulus funds to ISU
  • ISU Extension restructuring plans approved

2009-10 parking rates, P&T list, student fees receive regent approval

  • $27 million rec services bond sale
  • 2009-10 P&T list
  • 2009-10 parking permits, parking fines
  • Honorary degree: Chan-Koo Park
  • 2009-10 student fees (mandatory and miscellaneous)
  • 2009-10 residence hall rates

ISU gets OK to proceed with retirement incentive option

  • Retirement incentive program
  • Parking fines increase
  • Rec project
  • Room and board rates
  • Biomedical center
  • Collective bargaining report
  • Campus safety
  • Stadium improvements
  • Storm sewer easement

ISU gets OK to proceed with early retirement option

  • Retirement incentive program

Regents to consider FY10 salary freeze next week

  • FY10 salary freeze

Target for cuts rises to 11 percent

  • Target for cuts rise to 11 percent
  • Strategic cuts


Regents approve student sexual misconduct policies

  • Sexual misconduct policy
  • FY09 budget
  • Police report
  • Land gift

Regents approve tuition rates for 2009-10

  • Regents approve tuition rates for 2009-10

Tuition and fees top regents agenda

  • First review of 2009-10 tuition and fees
  • First review of 2009-10 supplemental tuition for 4 student groups
  • Final approval of stadium improvements, phase 2
  • Approval of financing plan for rec services expansion plans
  • Approval of guiding principles (sexual assault policy)
  • Approval of Biobased Industry Center (Bioeconomy Institute)
  • Honorary degree for J. Dwayne McAninch

Regents give ISU green light on new center, more renovation at Vet Med

  • Center for Biorenewable Chemicals is approved
  • Planning begins for Vet Med renovation, Phase 2
  • Appropriations requests to 2009 Iowa Legislature for FY10

Basketball facility moves forward

  • Basketball facility moves forward
  • President Geoffroy receives 6.7 percent pay hike
  • FY09 budget includes $40.6 million in new or reallocated funds
  • Grow Iowa Values Fund dollars to support entrepreneurship
  • Budget revised for Memorial Union renovations
  • Budget for updating communications lines in campus buildings approved
  • ISU gets OK for high-performance computer system purchase
  • Regents universities participate in online "College Portrait" program

Regents approve ISU compensation plan

  • FY09 compensation plan approved
  • Web page to ease community college transfer checks
  • New programs: Culinary science, global resource systems, biological systems engineering, world languages and cultures
  • New names: Plant biology, insect science, agriculture and life sciences education
  • Board president lists four initiatives
  • Universities to review sexual assault policies

Planning will move forward for rec services facilities, phase 2 improvements to stadium

  • Recreation services facilities approved
  • Jack Trice Stadium plans approved
  • FY09 salary plans
  • FY09 parking permit rates approved
  • Residence hall rates approved
  • FY09 faculty tenure and promotions approved

Regents review proposed parking and residence rates for next year

  • Proposed parking rates
  • Proposed residence hall and meal plan rates
  • Egg Industry Center
  • Approved building names: Hach Hall, Dr. W. Eugene and Linda Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center
  • Dormitory Revenue refunding bond sale approved
  • David Miles, Jack Evens elected

Regents approve science complex, site prep for chemistry facility

  • Biorenewables research laboratory approved
  • Chemistry facility approved
  • Center for Carbon Capturing Crops approved
  • Total compensation package data request
  • Building demolitions (Fisher-Nickel Hall, Agricultural Engineering Shed, Industrial Education) approved
  • Tenure appeal
  • Farmland sale approval: Monona County
  • Academic building bond sale
  • Kenneth Quinn honorary degree approved
  • Meal reimbursement rate change
  • Memorial Union renovation approved


Tuition set for 2008-09

  • Tuition increase approved


Q&A: Police officers armed this week

  • Comprehensive Campus Safety and Security Policy

Regents delay policy decisions on arming police, naming

  • Arming campus police discussed
  • New regent-level naming policy
  • East side dining centers design and budget approved
  • Stadium financing approved
  • Degree name changes: kinesiology
  • Voluntary computer lease program
  • Building name approved: King Pavillion

In brief: Regents wrap-up

  • Campus security discussed
  • FY08 budget and presidential salary approved
  • Bond sale for stadium renovation postponed
  • Grow Iowa Values Funds
  • Building plans: bioprocessing research laboratory
  • Center name change: Center for Metabolic Biology
  • Farm sale: Monona County

Salaries, student financial aid receive new dollars in proposed FY08 budget

  • Salary increases
  • Spending plans
  • Building plans: biorenewables research lab facility, Veterinary Medicine Diagnostic Lab
  • Bond sale for chemistry building
  • FY08 proposed operating budget

Regents wrap-up

  • Stadium renovation financing approved
  • College name change: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • New degree programs: Ph.D. in business and technology, B.S. in bioinformatics and computational biology
  • Snedecor renovation approval
  • Property purchase: 36 acres along Elwood Drive
  • Geomechanics research lab planning
  • Compensation policy endorsed

Athletics, Design projects move forward

  • Stadium plans approved
  • College of Design addition approved
  • Minority student retention task force
  • Department name change approval: kinesiology
  • Charter approval: Engineering Policy and Leadership Institute


Regents back ISU's bio future

  • ISU pledges to become leader in Biofuels; Regents pledge support
  • Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation

Grape and wine institute gets regents' green light

  • Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute
  • Software engineering degree

Several renovations in planning stages

  • Renovation plans approved: Jack Trice Stadium, Hilton Coliseum, Snedecor Hall, Oak-Elm dining centers, greenhouses

State funds, gifts will endow chairs, professor positions

  • State funds approved for endowed chairs, professor positions