Social Media

Social media is an online community of sharing, with many different platforms. The university's primary accounts are used to communicate and engage with the public, including customer service, news, emergencies and storytelling. There are many social media accounts associated with the university, some of which are included on Iowa State's social media directory.

Primary accounts

Strategic relations and communications staff manage Iowa State's primary social media accounts (@IowaStateU):

Specialized accounts

News Service and Inside Iowa State staff maintain content-specific accounts:

Guidelines and policies

There are several university policies that apply, but are not specific to, social media use. General, common-sense guidelines (PDF) also are available for individuals and units. For help, counsel or tips on best practices for professional (or balancing personal) social media accounts, contact Erin Rosacker. Rosacker also is available to speak with or present to groups on a variety of social media topics.

Social media directory

Departments and units must have a minimum of two well-established social media accounts to be included on the university's social media directory. Send directory requests or updates to Erin Rosacker.



Online events calendar
The website includes on-campus public events, activities and workshops. Submit entries to

Iowa State website
Strategic relations and communications staff maintain the top-level ISU homepage and many of the second-level pages. Contact Erin Rosacker with questions.


Erin Rosacker
Communications specialist